Startup Motivational Quote #001 - Scott Belsky

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Start up hustle

Scott Belsky is an American entrepreneur, author and startup investor best known for co-creating the online portfolio platform, Behance. 

He is all about planning, organising and getting shit done with no excuses. 

In an interview with Productive Magazine, Scott Belsky says “An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organized, actionable elements,” says Scott.  “Most ideas are born and lost in isolation.” 
"I encourage people to do is always break down every issue into its littlest components. “Oh, legal says we can’t do it” or “The computer guys say we can’t do it”.
"Alright, what exactly can’t be done? “Oh well, there is a law that says this.” OK, does anyone else have a similar problem so that we could see how they solved it? What do our competitors do? You always have to press it down.
That is what I do with my team whenever I get an answer like that. Just “atomize” — you know, break things into small pieces."


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