Startup Motivational Quote #002 - Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon knows a thing or two about productivity and building out business. 

He has what is called the "2 pizza rule."

Basically, Bezos will only hold meetings in which two pizzas will feed the entire group. If the group that’s gathered together to meet is too large, then nothing will get done. 

Bezos is no bozo. He is focused on only two aims: efficiency and scalability.

A smaller, tighter team spends less time messing around with managing timetables and keeping people up to date, and more time doing what needs to be done. 

Plus people in smaller teams are far more personally productive.

As group size rises, all sorts of issues spring up. Individual performance levels diminish and people start to grow less engaged. 

So while larger teams may be getting more done altogether, it’s happening at a rate lower than the sum of individual efforts.

Having lots of small teams mean that they all need to be able to work together to act like “a machine that makes the machine”.

Now that's what I call a lean business. 

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